Breast Augmentation By Fat Transfer In Hamburg, Germany

Women have different reasons for having a breast augmentation in Hamburg: Some wish to restore volume loss due to breastfeeding or age, some may want to correct asymmetry, while others simply wish to increase their breast size. Whatever your goals are, Dr. Thorsten Sattler will offer you the procedure that will meet your needs. For a consultation in his modern practice make your booking today.

Breast Augmentation Procedure Overview

  1. Interesting Facts About Fat Transfer
  2. Breast Augmentation Results
  3. Advantages Using Fat Transfer For Breast Augmentation
  4. Is A Fat Transfer The Right Method For Me?
  5. About Your Fat Transfer Procedure
  6. After Your Surgery
  7. Frequently Asked Questions About Fat Transfer:
    1. How much fat can be transferred to my breasts?
    2. Can the fat transfer be combined with other surgeries?
    3. Is fat transfer superior to breast implants?

1. Interesting Facts About Fat Transfer

This method used for breast augmentation is also known as “autologous fat transfer“, or “fat grafting”. “Autologous” means that the donor and the recipient of the fat is the same person. With a fat transfer it is possible to transfer stubborn fat from unwanted areas such as the waistline, stomach or thighs, directly to the breasts after it is filtered and purified.

Fat grafting to the breasts is a two-stage procedure performed in one operation: Initially, the fat is harvested from an area containing excess fat and processed using a closed system that preserves the fat under sterile conditions and protects the integrity of the fat cells. After the fat is filtered and purified, it is precisely injected into the breasts at the desired locations in order to expand the volume of the breasts. Volume and quality of the fat as well as the elasticity of the skin limit the maximum volume gain to the breasts. The transferred fat cells will receive blood supply and oxygen from the local tissues and remain in place as natural fat tissue. Fat transfer is a very precise and permanent method to correct breast asymmetries, to improve or change the shape of your breasts and it ultimately results in very natural appearing breasts.

Fat transfer takes longer than a traditional augmentation with breast implants, because the fat must be harvested in a delicate manner and put through the purification process, and injected meticulously in small volumes in order to achieve a perfect result.

2. Breast Augmentation Results

By German law, we are not allowed to show you before/after pictures online. However, during your personal consultation with Dr. Thorsten Sattler in his modern practice in Hamburg this will be possible.


3. Advantages Using Fat Transfer For Breast Augmentation

Breast enlargement by fat transfer has many advantages:

  • The harvested fat comes from your own body, therefore the resultant breast augmentation is long lasting with a very natural feel and appearance.
  • There is only minimal scarring because the fat is both harvested and injected through tiny incisions that are hidden in skin creases like the sub mammary fold.
  • The fat can be injected into any part of the breasts where you desire an increase in volume or contour.
  • It is a very precise method to correct breast deformities, asymmetries or scarring.
  • In only one procedure liposuction and augmentation can be combined.
  • Breastfeeding is not affected by fat transfer, and there is no risk of loss of sensation to the nipples. Routine breast screening can be performed as usual following fat transfer to the breasts.

4. Is A Fat Transfer The Right Method For Me?

Fat grafting is a very natural way to enhance your breasts. Check the following criteria to find out if fat transfer is the right method for you:

  • You are looking for an increase of one cup size or less. If you desire a more dramatic increase in volume, multiple surgeries might be necessary. A combination of fat and implant or just an implant might be alternative options for you.
  • You have enough excess fat in the abdomen, thighs, hips, or other areas to provide the amount of fat necessary for the procedure. Without enough viable fat, it may be hard to achieve the desired increase in size. If you are a fitness or endurance athlete with very low body fat, Dr. Sattler might advise you to opt for an implant-based augmentation.
  • The better your skin elasticity and tone, the better the outcome. The fat transfer will increase the volume of your breasts, but if you have sagging or drooping breasts, augmentation will not address that. In this case, you might need a combination of breast augmentation and breast lift. This procedure is called an “augmentation mastopexy” and can be done in one or two steps. Dr. Sattler will discuss your surgical options to achieve the best results possible.

5. About Your Fat Transfer Procedure

If you choose fat transfer for your breast augmentation, Dr. Sattler will make an individual plan with you where exactly to harvest and inject the fat.

Before undergoing fat transfer, please consider the following:

  • Pause smoking at least two weeks before and after your surgery. Smoking causes constriction of the blood vessels and will negatively affect the survival rate of the transferred fat cells
  • Pause any blood thinning medication at least two weeks before the procedure. Consult your GP or Cardiologist before you do so to receive a bridging medication if necessary.
  • Arrange for a ride home the day of surgery as you will be unable to drive yourself
  • Fill any given prescriptions for pain and other medication prior to surgery to ensure it is available to you immediately after surgery
  • Before you undergo surgery under general anesthesia, a consultation with an anesthesiologist will take place. Depending on your age, overall fitness and medical history you might be asked to have blood tests, an ECG or other investigations taken

After the areas targeted for liposuction have been marked and numbed, the fat is extracted using a delicate liposuction technique with fine cannulas that prevent damage to the fat cells. After the fat is cleaned and purified, the processed fat is ready for injection. Dr. Sattler will extract more fat than necessary for the procedure, increasing the likelihood of successful fat cell transfer and providing the best result possible. The pure fat cells are injected meticulously into the breast, avoiding blood vessels and nerves, and allowing Dr. Sattler to sculpt and shape the breasts as desired. The transferred fat cells will incorporate themselves into the existing fat in the breasts, giving you a contoured breast with a natural look and feel.

6. After Your Surgery

After your surgery, a special support bra must be worn for a few weeks. Sometimes it is also advisable to wear compression garments to support the donor areas. Dr. Sattler will discuss these topics with you before your surgery in detail.

Full mobilization and resumption of daily activities are possible immediately after your surgery, but it is recommended to avoid strenuous activities, such as exercise, for some time after your surgery. The breasts will be swollen immediately after the surgery, but the swelling will subside gradually within a few weeks to reveal the final outcome. Results of augmentation with fat transfer are permanent, though as with any procedure, longevity will depend on whether you maintain a stable weight and follow the instructions given to you. Your breasts will continue to age naturally, so you may experience some volume loss or change in contour as time passes.

If you are looking to augment your breasts in the most natural way possible, breast enhancement with fat transfer may be the right method for you. Call “Plastische Chirurgie Dr. Sattler” and schedule an appointment with Dr. Thorsten Sattler.

7. Frequently Asked Questions About Fat Transfer:

a. How much fat can be transferred to my breasts?

Most often, an increase of up to one cup size can be achieved in a single operation. If a more dramatic augmentation is desired, multiple fat transfers can be performed. Alternatively, breast implants can be used to achieve your goals.

b. Can the fat transfer be combined with other surgeries?

The harvested and purified fat can also be used for anti-wrinkle treatments and lip augmentation. In addition, the combination of a breast lift and fat transfer is an option for some patients with droopy breasts. The fat harvest itself will shape your abdomen, hips or thighs, depending on the donor areas chosen. Therefore, not only your breasts but also your whole body contour will improve.

c. Is fat transfer superior to breast implants?

The fat is harvested from your own body and a natural substance eliminating some of the risks that foreign materials might pose. It will grow into your tissues and will feel and look very natural. The resulting scars are tiny and hardly visible. For women who are looking for a moderate increase in breast size and a very natural look, fat transfer might be the ideal method. If you are not satisfied with your breasts or just want to add lost volume due to natural aging then please contact Dr. Sattler’s office locating in Hamburg, Germany to schedule your consultation. Achieve the breasts you have always wanted or once head with Dr. Sattler!

If you are not satisfied with your breasts or just want to add lost volume due to natural aging then please contact Dr. Sattler’s office locating in Hamburg, Germany to schedule your consultation. Achieve the breasts you have always wanted or once had with Dr. Sattler!

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