The right time for breast augmentation

There are many women who wish to have larger or tighter breasts. For many, a possible pregnancy is considered an impediment. But does that even have to be the case? We clarify: When is the best time for breast augmentation? At what age can breast augmentation be done? And: Is breast augmentation before or after […]

Vaginal surgery: no longer a taboo topic

Plastic surgery in the vaginal area – indeed, the entire field of intimate surgery – was considered a taboo subject for decades. In recent years, this has changed more and more. A real trend around the topics of vaginal makeover or rejuvenation was started. Women feel less and less ashamed of or have to explain […]

What are the reasons for aesthetic surgery?

Every person is unique and so there are different easons for aesthetic surgery for each person. In this blog article we have collected for you the most important arguments for plastic surgery. Also we present you the most common aesthetic surgeries. What is plastic surgery? The first thing to clarify is what exactly plastic surgery […]