Dr. Thorsten Sattler Hamburg, Germany

Dr. Sattler is a German Board Certified Plastic Surgeon offering a wide range of aesthetic procedures. He specializes in Breast Surgery, Body Sculpting Procedures and Facial Surgery, including Rhinoplasties and Anti-Wrinkle Treatments. In addition, he holds degrees in Hand Surgery and Nutritional Medicine. Dr. Sattler is owner and chief surgeon of his private practice “Plastische Chirurgie Dr. Sattler” in Hamburg, Germany.

Interview With Dr. Sattler

Academic CV

Dr. Sattler studied Medicine in Freiburg (Germany), Zurich (Switzerland), Dublin (Republic of Ireland) and New York (USA). In 2001, he received his doctorate degree with great honors from the University of Freiburg in Germany.

After finishing his basic surgical training, he was a Resident in Plastic Surgery at Cork University Hospital and at the University of Freiburg, where he passed his German Board Exams in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery in 2009. Also in 2009 ”Specialist Registration in Plastic Surgery” in North America, where he worked in 2009/2010 as Staff Plastic Surgeon and Lecturer at the well-known Dalhousie University with a focus on Breast Surgery. In 2011 ”Full and Specialist Registration in Plastic Surgery“ in Great Britain where he worked in one of Europe’s most distinguished hospitals for Aesthetic Surgery: “The London Clinic” on Harley Street. Here he specialized in Aesthetic Facial Surgery and Rhinoplasty, as well as Body Contouring Procedures. During the following years, Dr. Sattler gathered many other qualifications, such as Hand Surgery (2013), Nutritional Medicine (2015), Breast Surgery (2017) and Sexual Medicine (2018). Since 2014, he works in private practice in Hamburg with a focus on Aesthetic Surgery Procedures and Wrinkle Treatments.


Dr. Sattler’s Awards & Publications

Dr. Sattler was named one of the best 150 Plastic Surgeons in Germany by the magazine GALA-Beautify in the categories Face (including Wrinkle Treatments and Facelifts), Breast & Abdomen (including Breast Augmentation and Liposuction) and Legs.

In addition to his clinical work, Dr. Sattler regularly taught, lectured and published in Europe and overseas. He is Co-Editor of a Plastic Surgery Book, wrote book chapters and published more than 25 scientific articles. He is also reviewer for the Irish Journal of Medical Science. He participated in many national and international conferences as faculty member, instructor, lecturer, live surgeon and congress secretary. Dr. Sattler has received highly honored national and international awards for his surgical achievements and best lecture awards from various societies.


Continuing Education and Fellowships

For Dr. Sattler it is very important to know about the latest trends, products and surgical techniques. Therefore, he participates in conferences, workshops and seminars worldwide. He also visits opinion leaders all over the world to refine his medical knowledge and surgical skills. His traveling fellowships brought him to elite surgeons in many different countries, including Japan, Taiwan, Great Britain, France, Italy and the USA, to name a few.


Patient Safety

In addition to the surgical and scientific facets of the medical profession, Dr. Sattler also cares about a loving way of dealing with his patients, their health and safety. He holds various degrees in radiation and laser safety, as well as hospital hygiene. He participates in resuscitation courses on a regular basis in order to fulfill the highest safety standards possible.

Social Responsibility

For Dr. Sattler empathy for the patients in his own practice is very important, but the (medical) well-being of less privileged people in poorer countries of the world also matter to him. Therefore, he his involved with “Médecins Sans Frontières” and various other local organizations, which support social projects for disabled people, students, musicians and artists.