Non-Surgical Treatments (Injectables) Hamburg, Germany

Dr. Thorsten Sattler offers wrinkle treatments at his convenient location in Hamburg.

Fine lines and wrinkles can start to creep in long before you notice them. When those signs of aging start to become more obvious, injectables can be an effective treatment without resorting to surgery right away.

Different anti-aging treatments are available. Nerve modulators, also known as BTX, continue to be the gold standard in restoring a youthful appearance to the forehead and around the eyes. At “Plastische Chirurgie Dr. Sattler”, we offer these injectables as one option in our anti-aging toolkit. We will assess your specific aging symptoms to determine whether a wrinkle relaxer will produce the best results for you or whether another treatment might provide you with a more satisfying outcome, such as fillers, fat transfer or nanofat grafting.


  1. Different Types Of Wrinkles
  2. What Are Nerve Modulators?
  3. Treatment With Nerve Modulators
  4. Different Types Of Fillers
  5. Your Wrinkle Treatment
  6. Results
  7. Frequently Asked Questions About Wrinkle Treatments:
    1. Is there a downtime?
    2. When will I see the result?
    3. How long does the treatment last?
    4. Who should perform wrinkle treatments?

1. Different Types Of Wrinkles

Dynamic wrinkles are the lines that form when you make certain types of facial expressions. These creases are typically found across the forehead and in vertical lines between the eyebrows. They can also make an appearance around the outer corners of the eyes, due to squinting or smiling. Initially, these lines may only be visible when those expressions are made. However, these wrinkles may become permanent, causing you to look worried, angry or tired. You should not wait for this progression to go that far. If you seek anti-aging treatments early enough, nerve modulators can erase those lines and creases.

Dynamic wrinkles are not the only type of creases. Static wrinkles, which generally appear underneath the eyes to the jawline, are another sign of aging. These lines are due to gravitation and a loss of fat in the underlying skin structure, which leads to skin laxity and wrinkle formation. Dr. Thorsten Sattler offers hyaluronic acid fillers for these wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid can restore youthful volume and smooth out those static wrinkles from the inside out. An alternative is fat grafting if you prefer to use your own tissue.

2. What Are Nerve Modulators?

The formulation in nerve modulators contains an active ingredient (BTX) that relaxes the facial muscles that lead to the formation of dynamic wrinkles. For decades, these injections have been administered for both, medical and cosmetic purposes, so they have a long track record of success and are very safe. Today, medical use for this formulation has expanded to the treatment of migraine and excessive sweating.

3. Treatment With Nerve Modulators

This medication is most effective for the following facial creases:

  • Frown lines that form between the eyebrows
  • Crow’s feet that extend from the outer corners of the eyes
  • Horizontal creases that develop across the forehead
  • “Bunny Lines” on the side of the nose
  • Horizontal line at the root of the nose

4. Different Types Of Fillers

The treatment with nerve modulators does not work particularly well on lines that form due to collagen depletion. However, Dr. Thorsten Sattler also features a selection of hyaluronic fillers to address these types of aging. Fat transfer is an alternative to these fillers. You can even choose to have different injectable treatments performed at the same time to achieve your best result in a single appointment with us.

Dr. Thorsten Sattler only uses premium fillers to achieve the best results possible. Fillers can also be used to treat scars and to augment lips and cheekbones.

An alternative to hyaluronic fillers is fat grafting. This intervention can be done under local anesthesia in an outpatient setting but needs a bit more planning. First fat is harvested, before it is processed and finally reinjected via fine cannulas.

A special type of fat grafting is “Nano Fat Transfer”. Stem Cells are harvested from the fat and reinjected, giving the skin a nice and fresh look. This “glow” can also be achieved with liquid hyaluronic acid that is injected superficially into the skin.

Of course, fillers, fat and nano fat can be combined with nerve modulators in one session to give you the best result possible.

5. Your Wrinkle Treatment

BTX injections do not require any anesthetic, although numbing cream may be applied before your procedure. The nerve modulator is administered via a very fine needle within a few seconds. The injection of hyaluronic acid may take a bit longer, since the material is thicker. A local anesthetic is part of the filler and therefore the injection is tolerated very well. Most patients find both treatments to be relatively comfortable.

Fat or nano fat transfers usually take one to two hours and can be done under local anesthesia in an outpatient setting.

6. Results

By German law, we are not allowed to show you before/after pictures online. However, during your personal consultation with Dr. Thorsten Sattler in his modern practice in Hamburg this will be possible.

7. Frequently Asked Questions About Wrinkle Treatments:

a. Is there a downtime?

After your treatment, you can expect to resume your daily activities immediately. Occasionally, patients will have some mild bruising or swelling around the injections sites, but these side effects are rare and mild and can be covered up with make-up. There should not be any discomfort after the procedure to prohibit you from performing tasks. Therefore, it is possible to receive your wrinkle treatment during your lunch break or right after work.

b. When will I see the result?

Wrinkles begin to smooth out soon after your injections. Final results usually take a few days to allow the nerve modulator to spread and dissipate throughout the treatment area and for the muscles to fully respond.

If hyaluronic acid fillers or fat are used, you will immediately notice fewer lines and wrinkles in your face. At the same time, you will still be able to make natural facial expressions. The aim is to give you a relaxed look, as if you were on holidays.

c. How long does the treatment last?

Nerve modulators are a temporary cosmetic treatment, which means the results of your procedure will diminish over time, although only high quality products are used by Dr. Thorsten Sattler. Most patients find that their youthful and fresh appearance lasts for three to four months before another appointment is necessary. Nerve modulators may last longer in patients with a slow metabolism.

Hyaluronic acid fillers tend to last much longer than wrinkle relaxers. Premium fillers may last up to two years. Therefore, it pays off to spend a bit more on premium fillers, because you will need top-ups less often.

d. Who should perform wrinkle treatments?

Having hyaluronic acid fillers and nerve modulators injected should be considered a medical procedure, not a cosmetic treatment. Therefore, it is recommended that you seek a specialist plastic surgeon who has long training and experience performing these procedures and also extensive knowledge of the facial anatomy helping to avoid potential complications. It is wise to choose a specialist who has spent long years training in this field and has an aesthetic sense for facial harmony.

You do not have to accept wrinkles in your face. Anti-wrinkle treatments are quick, relatively comfortable and provide great results. Contact “Plastische Chirurgie Dr. Sattler” to schedule your consultation with Dr. Thorsten Sattler and find out if injectables are the right anti-aging treatment for you.