Tips for Men Considering Plastic Surgery

More men than ever are pursuing surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatment to enhance or improve their appearance. However, a lot of plastic surgery resources and information found online are written with women in mind. As a result, some men may have lingering questions or concerns about Plastic Surgery.

Here, top Hamburg, Germany plastic surgeon Dr. med. Thorsten Sattler shares his top tips for men considering Plastic Surgery.

Your Choice Matters

Not all Plastic Surgeons are created equal. Male patients are advised to work with a Plastic Surgeon with the proper education, training and experience to perform male Plastic Surgery. The Plastic Surgeon should have before- and-after photos for you to view. Before-and-after photos can give you an idea of the Plastic Surgeon’s skill and the type of results you can expect.

It is also a good idea to read testimonials from the Plastic Surgeon’s former patients. Testimonials can provide insight on the Plastic Surgeon’s communication style, patience and empathy, all of which play an important role in your overall Plastic Surgery experience.

Prioritize Your Health

The best candidates for Plastic Surgery are individuals in good overall health. Individuals who smoke, are obese or have a serious health condition have a higher risk of complications during and after Plastic Surgery. The best way to minimize your risk of a complication is to eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly and not to smoke.

Maintain Reasonable Expectations

Having Plastic Surgery can be a life-changing experience. But while it can do wonders for your appearance and self-confidence, it cannot change all aspects of your life. Nor can it make you look like a completely different person. Communicate with your Plastic Surgeon about your cosmetic needs and goals. Be completely transparent with your Plastic Surgeon about your desired outcome and he will be able to tell you whether your goals are attainable or not.

Discuss Your Cosmetic Goals with Dr. med. Sattler

Dr. Sattler is a top Hamburg Plastic Surgeon who has helped hundreds of men and women feel more confident. To schedule a consultation with Dr. med. Sattler, please call 040 – 311 712 53 today.

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