When Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer Is Appropriate

While breast implants continue to be the most popular method to enhance the size and volume of the breasts, these days more and more women are choosing fat transfer for their breast augmentation procedure. Also known as fat grafting, fat transfer involves removing unwanted surplus fat from one body area (e.g., abdomen, buttocks, back) via liposuction and re-injecting it into the breasts.

While breast augmentation with fat transfer is a safe and effective method, it is not for everyone. Here, top Hamburg, Germany plastic surgeon Dr. Thorsten Sattler discusses three situations in which fat transfer is an appropriate choice for breast augmentation.

You Have Unwanted Fat

Imagine obtaining fuller and bigger breasts while slimming down the abdomen, waist or thighs – all at the same time! This is possible with a fat transfer breast augmentation procedure, as it is designed to improve multiple body areas in just one operation.

It is important to note that in order to be considered for fat transfer, you must have a sufficient amount of excess fat in one or more body areas. If you have little body fat, Dr. Sattler may recommend augmentation with breast implants instead.

You Desire a Modest Boost in Breast Size

Fat transfer can generally only provide breast augmentation of one cup size or less. This means fat transfer is best for women who want a small or modest increase in breast size. If you desire a larger or dramatic size increase, a combination procedure involving breast implants or implants with fat transfer may be more suitable.

You Want the Most Natural-Looking Results

Today’s breast implants look and feel more natural than ever before. However, they cannot fully replace the look and feel of real breast tissue. Breast augmentation with fat transfer offers the most natural-looking results as it uses the patient’s own fat and tissue.

In addition, breast augmentation with fat transfer involves creating smaller incisions than those needed to place implants. Most fat transfer patients are pleased with the minimal scarring that the procedure leaves.

Contact Hamburg’s Top Plastic Surgeon

A board certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Sattler can evaluate your unique case and determine whether breast augmentation with fat transfer is the best choice. To discuss your breast enhancement needs and goals with him, please schedule a consultation. Contact his Hamburg practice by calling 040 – 311 712 53.

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