Breast Augmentation
with fat grafting

Breast Augmentation using Autologous Fat Transfer in Hamburg

Many women know it: they consider their breasts to be too small or are unhappy with the shape. A natural breast augmentation with autologous fat can help here.

There are two main methods of breast augmentation:

  • Breast augmentation with implants: When talking about breast augmentation in general, most people imagine this all-too-familiar method with silicone implants.
  • Breast augmentation with autologous fat: No implants are inserted here, which is why it is also referred to as a natural breast augmentation. This method is described in the following.

Women decide to have breast augmentation for a variety of reasons:

  • Restoration of volume lost through breastfeeding or ageing
  • Correction of an asymmetry
  • Desire for larger breasts

Dr. Sattler is one of only a few plastic surgeons in Germany who has the additional qualification in breast medicine (senology) from the German Society for Senology (DGS). So you are in the best of hands!

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Whatever your goals are, Dr. med. Thorsten Sattler offers scientifically based surgical procedures by means of which your aesthetic goals can be achieved. To make you feel good in your body!

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1. Useful Information about Autologous Fat Transfer

An autologous fat transfer is also called a “lipotransfer”. How is such a fat transfer performed?

Breast augmentation using autologous fat transfer is a two-stage procedure:

  1. First, the fat is suctioned from an area of the body that has more fat, such as the abdomen, waist or thighs. Fine suction cannulas are used for this purpose. The extracted fat is guided into a special closed system using a mild vacuum so that the fat cells do not dry out and remain sterile. This keeps the maximum number of fat cells vital and prevents contamination. The grease is filtered and cleaned within the closed system.
  2. It is then precisely injected into the breasts using special cannulas. The maximum volume of the breasts depends on the quantity and quality of the injected fat, but also on the elasticity of the skin mantle. The injected fat cells are supplied with nutrients and oxygen through blood vessels and can thus heal. At the end of this healing process is a permanent breast augmentation without silicone. Breast augmentations with autologous fat provide beautiful results!

Fat exchange between two patients is not possible. By means of an autologous fat transfer, disturbing fat deposits can be removed and at the same time the breasts can be enlarged and adjusted.

Breast surgery: Natural Result with Autologous Fat Transfer

A fat transfer is a very precise method to enlarge breasts with autologous fat, to correct breast asymmetries or to improve the breast shape. The result is very natural looking breasts.

A “self-fat breast augmentation” is technically more complex and takes longer than a breast augmentation with silicone implants. This is because liposuction, the cleaning process and the distribution of the fat cells take more time than the insertion of breast implants.

2. Advantages of Breast Augmentation with Autologous Fat Transfer

  • The liposuctioned fat is a substance produced naturally in the body. Therefore, the result of a breast augmentation using autologous fat transfer is not only long-lasting, but the breasts feel and look natural.
  • There are practically no scars, as the fat is sucked out as well as infiltrated by means of fine special cannulas and the incisions measure only a few millimetres. In lipotransfer, the access points are also placed in discrete locations, e.g. in the crease under the breast.
  • The fat can be injected into different areas of the breast. Thus, the contour and volume can be naturally restored in those areas of the breast where it is necessary and desired. For example, in the area of the décolleté.
  • It is a very precise method by which breast deformities, asymmetries or scars can be corrected.
  • In just one operation, the fat used can reshape, enlarge or give a new contour to your breasts.
  • It is a very safe method. The ability to breastfeed and the sensitivity of the nipples are not affected by an autologous fat transfer.
  • Gynaecological check-ups can be carried out as usual.
  • Autologous fat transfer can also be performed after a previous breast augmentation using a silicone implant.
  • Breast reconstruction using autologous fat transfer is also possible.

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3. Is an Autologous Fat Transfer an Option for me?

An autologous fat transfer is a very natural way to optimise the shape and size of your breasts. Almost all women can achieve very beautiful results with breast augmentation using their own fat. The following criteria indicate that an autologous fat transfer to the breast is the right procedure for you:

  • You want to increase your breasts by a maximum of one cup size. Should a more dramatic enlargement be desired, several operations are necessary. Alternatively, augmentation with a breast implant can be considered or a combination of implant and autologous fat transfer.
  • You have enough fat reserves on your belly, thighs or hips. Significantly more fat has to be extracted than is later infiltrated, as fat is lost through filtration and cleaning. For fitness or endurance athletes with a very low body fat percentage, Dr Sattler usually recommends breast reconstruction using silicone implants.
  • You want a breast augmentation without silicone and a result that is as natural as possible.
  • The better your connective tissue, the more beautiful the result will be. An autologous fat transfer can only increase the volume of your breasts. Sagging or hanging breasts may need additional tightening. This is then called an “augmentation mastopexy”. Breast lifting and augmentation can take place in one or two operations. Dr. Sattler will advise you in detail which way is the right one for you to achieve your desired result.

4. Procedure of your Breast Surgery with Autologous Fat

If you decide to have breast augmentation with autologous fat in Hamburg, Dr Sattler will design an individual operation plan for you. Before your breast surgery with autologous fat takes place, you should consider the following.

What do I need to consider before my own Fat Transfer?

  • No nicotine for at least two weeks before and after the procedure so that the maximum number of fat cells can heal in
  • If possible, stop taking blood thinning medication two weeks before the procedure, if necessary in consultation with your GP/cardiologist
  • Your pick-up after the procedure should already be arranged before the operation, as you are not allowed to drive yourself after the operation
  • Prescriptions for painkillers etc. should be filled before the operation so that the medication is available on the day of the operation when it is needed
  • In the case of a procedure under general anesthesia, a consultation with an anesthetist will take place before the operation. In consultation with the anesthetist, it is decided whether further examinations are necessary, depending on age, general condition and existing underlying diseases. For example, blood tests or an ECG might be necessary.

There are several rules of behaviour that you should commit to as part of your own fat transfer with Dr Sattler. Click here to access the rules of behavior.

How does Breast Augmentation with Autologous Fat Work?

The treatment of breast augmentation with autologous fat includes the following steps:

  1. Dr Sattler will work with you to determine where the fat should be suctioned and which areas of the breast should be built up.
  2. The areas intended for liposuction are marked and anaesthetised.
  3. The fat is extracted using a precise liposuction technique with fine cannulas so as not to damage the fat cells and at the same time to beautifully shape the body silhouette.
  4. The fatty tissue is cleaned and filtered.
  5. Afterwards, it is injected again by means of special syringes in the course of the same operation.

Careful three-dimensional distribution of the fat cells increases the chances that as many of the transferred fat cells as possible will heal, thus achieving an optimal result. Blood vessels or nerves are not damaged in the process. Dr Thorsten Sattler can shape your breasts according to your wishes. After the surgery, the transferred fat cells will heal permanently in the breast and participate in the metabolism. At the end of the healing process, the result is very natural, both visually and haptically.

5. After your Breast Surgery with Autologous Fat

After the autologous fat surgery, you should wear a support bra consistently for a few weeks. The suctioned areas are also treated with special compression garments. Dr Sattler will discuss the exact procedure with you before the surgery.

Immediately after the operation, your breasts might be temporarily swollen and there may be some bruising. Daily activities of life can be done as usual, bed rest is not necessary. Exhausting activities, such as sports, should, however, be suspended for a while. Depending on your recovery process, Dr. Sattler will discuss with you exactly when you may resume certain activities and how long the compression garment must be worn.

After about three months, the preliminary final result is then visible. The results of breast augmentation through autologous fat transfer are permanent. However, the durability of the result depends on maintaining a stable body weight and following the nicotine ban, especially in the first few weeks. Your breasts will age naturally, so over time the volume and contour may change again.

If you would like to enlarge your breasts as naturally as possible, breast augmentation using autologous fat transfer may be just the right thing for you. Feel free to call our practice in Hamburg and make an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Thorsten Sattler.

Pictures of breast augmentation with autologous fat

You can find pictures of breast augmentation results with autologous fat in our gallery.

6. Results of Breast Augmentation with Autologous Fat

For legal reasons, we are not allowed to show before/after pictures of breast augmentation with autologous fat here. However, this is possible during a personal consultation with Dr. Sattler in his modern practice in Hamburg.

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6. Frequently Asked Questions about Autologous Fat Transfer

In one surgery, your breasts can be enlarged by a maximum of one cup size. Should a more opulent enlargement be preferred, several surgeries are necessary. In this case, alternatively, augmentation with silicone implants may be the ideal way for you to achieve your desired result.

A certain amount of body fat is necessary to make breast augmentation possible. In general, the following applies: The amount of body fat removed is approximately twice as much as the amount used for the autologous fat transfer.

The extracted fat can not only be injected into your breasts, but also into your face, for example. Wrinkles can be relined and lips made fuller. Furthermore, the augmentation of your breasts can be combined with a lift if this is necessary. Of course, you also benefit from the liposuction itself. The tummy, waist and thighs can be shaped so that not only your breasts but also the rest of your body silhouette is optimised according to your wishes.

The fat used in lipotransfer comes from your own body, so there is no risk of rejection or capsular fibrosis. As the fat heals permanently into the breast, it feels and looks completely natural. The resulting scars are very small and almost invisible because very fine cannulas are used for suction and infiltration. For women who want a very natural look and moderate breast augmentation, autologous fat transfer is a very good option.

As with all aesthetic and plastic surgery procedures, it is not possible to give a general indication of the costs for breast augmentation with autologous fat. Every patient is unique in her needs, ideas, expectations, but also physical conditions. Therefore, offers for breast augmentation at a fixed price are considered dubious. After the consultation and examination by Dr. Sattler, an individual cost estimate is prepared, which takes into account the actual surgical effort and the duration of the procedure. Of course, Dr. Sattler will advise you on the cost of autologous fat transfer, the procedure or even alternative treatment methods.

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Rules of behavior before and after your breast surgery

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