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The nose is the central feature of the face. Thus, the psychological stress can be tremendous if the nose does not fit harmoniously into the face. Find out more about rhinoplasty options here – covering everything from the reasons for a rhinoplasty procedure to the different methods and the final results.

What are the Reasons for a Nose Correction?

  • Aesthetic reasons: Rhinoplasty can adjust the size and shape of your nose to give your face a balanced, harmonious appearance.
  • Functional reasons: Inherently or due to an accident, the shape of the nose and the nasal function can have a detrimental effect on your well-being.

A nose correction can therefore both meet your aesthetic requirements and eliminate breathing difficulties.

In the case of very small deviations in the shape of the nose, e.g. in the area of the bridge of the nose, it is sometimes sufficient to carry out the appropriate corrections by using hyaluronic acid injections. In these cases, there is no need for surgery.

Rhinoplasty can be well combined with other procedures, such as liposuction of the chin and neck. A combination with filler treatments of the lips or a correction of the chin using hyaluronic acid injections is also possible to achieve the best overall aesthetic result.

Natural and balanced Results

With a nose correction to an all-round balanced appearance – so that you feel good in your skin

With Dr. Sattler you are in the best hands when it comes to natural and balanced results.

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1. Before your Nose Surgery

Dr. med. Thorsten Sattler conducts a detailed consultation with you before every surgical procedure and examines you personally. Each person is unique in terms of anatomy and desires. Therefore, an individual treatment plan is created for you, based on the latest methods and findings of plastic surgery. Photographs are taken and with the help of drawings and photos the procedure is explained in detail. Dr. Sattler will also discuss treatment limitations, possible risks, and alternative treatment methods with you and create a post-treatment plan with you.

Dr. Sattler will work with you to define realistic goals and a personalized treatment plan will be created for you. The main goal of a rhinoplasty is to create a harmoniously shaped nose that fits naturally into your face. Pre-existing breathing obstructions are also removed in the course of the nose surgery – if desired.

To achieve the best possible aesthetic result, a nose correction can be combined with other procedures, such as liposuction, autologous fat transfer or chin correction with filler injections.

There are several rules of behavior that you should commit to during your rhinoplasty with Dr. Sattler. Click here to access the rules of behavior.

What are the Alternatives to Rhinoplasty?

For small irregularities in the contour of the bridge of the nose, it is sometimes sufficient to inject hyaluronic acid under hollows, dents or indentations. In this case, nose surgery is not necessary. However, changes in nasal statics or the removal of breathing difficulties is not possible in such a way.
An autologous fat transfer to the face in addition to the nose correction brings additional volume to the sagging parts of the face and has a rejuvenating effect. Lips can also be modeled by an autologous fat transfer and a possibly existing double chin can be suctioned by means of liposuction. A balanced appearance with a fresh and vital look is the goal and can be achieved through a combination of different procedures.

2. Rhinoplasty: Surgical Methods

Only safe and modern surgical methods are used. Rhinoplasty is performed under general anesthesia, usually followed by an overnight stay in the clinic. A small correction of the bridge of the nose with hyaluronic acid injections, on the other hand, is performed under local anesthesia and on an outpatient basis. Many different techniques for performing a nose correction – also called rhinoplasty – are known and have proven successful. The best and safest surgical method for you will be chosen, depending on your anatomy, your goals and desires. The key is to avoid the ” surgical look” and enhance your natural beauty.

Open Rhinoplasty

In a procedure known as “open rhinoplasty,” a small incision is made at the bridge of the nose. This allows a good view of the nasal framework and soft tissues, bones and cartilage can be shaped optimally. Dr. Sattler uses magnifying glasses and special instruments to be able to operate very precisely, to spare nerves and to minimize blood loss.

Different Goals of Rhinoplasty

Noses can be shortened, lengthened and narrowed. The tip of the nose can be lowered or raised, and the curve of the bridge of the nose can be modified as part of a nose tip correction. The shape of the tip of the nose and the nostrils can also be adjusted and the symmetry improved. Sometimes a piece of tissue (fascia lata) is placed on the bridge of the nose to make it more balanced and to conceal any unevenness.

Nose Surgery for Respiratory Obstruction

In the case of breathing difficulties, the statics of the nose are changed so that the air can circulate better. To stabilize the changes made, small silicone splints are inserted into the nostrils and fixed at the end of the operation. Painful tamponade of the nostrils, as was often the case in the past, is almost never necessary. The bridge of the nose is taped and a nasal splint is fitted to protect the newly operated nose. The nostrils are lubricated with an antibiotic ointment. The fine scar on the bridge of the nose is later almost invisible.

Rhinoplasty: Combination with other Procedures

There are a very large number of different surgical techniques for rhinoplasty. Therefore, before the surgery, Dr. Sattler will discuss with you exactly which technique will best and most safely to achieve your goals and wishes.

In combination with rhinoplasty, autologous fat transfer to regions with volume loss is an option, e.g. temples, lips or chin. Fat can be suctioned from the neck and chin line and used later for an autologous fat transfer. The extra volume provides additional freshness and a harmonious face shape. Wrinkles, furrows and scars can also be injected with autologous fat and your skin can be revitalized with a stem cell transfer. Hyaluronic acid can also be used instead of autologous fat. Dr. Sattler will be happy to advise you on the most suitable premium fillers.

With great attention to detail, he will ensure that a balanced, youthful and fresh facial contour is created, resulting in the best possible aesthetic outcome with minimal scarring.

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Natural and Harmonious Results

You can find results of rhinoplasty in our gallery.

3. Nose Surgery: Results

At this point, we are not allowed to show before/after pictures for legal reasons. However, this is possible within the framework of a personal consultation with Dr. Sattler. In our results gallery you can see results of rhinoplasty.

4. After your Nose Surgery

Your face and nose may be initially swollen after your rhinoplasty and bruising can sometimes occur. Therefore, Dr. Sattler recommends consistent cooling, keeping the head raised and, if necessary, taking decongestant medications and enzymes. After a few days, the small silicone splints are removed from the nostrils. And after about a week, the fine sutures on the columella and the aluminum splint on the bridge of the nose are removed by Dr. Sattler himself. Sometimes the nose will be taped for another week.

You can resume your daily activities after about a week. You should avoid sunbathing, solarium, sauna and sports until you are sure that the wound has healed. Ball sport, contact and martial arts should be suspended for at least three months until the nose has stabilized in its new shape.

5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Rhinoplasty

For a nose correction in Hamburg, general anesthesia is recommended and usually also an overnight stay in the clinic. On the other hand, a minor correction of the bridge of the nose with hyaluronic acid injections alone can be performed under local anesthesia and on an outpatient basis.

To bring more vitality and youthfulness to your face, areas with a lack of volume, e.g. temples, chin and lips, can be built up using an autologous fat transfer. Alternatively, hyaluronic acid fillers can be used for this purpose.

Additional vitality can be achieved by liposuction of the chin, chin angle and neck. Stem cells can be extracted from the extracted fat. Your face and any existing scars can be injected with nanofat to improve skin quality and your complexion.

Minor corrections to the bridge of the nose can be performed with hyaluronic acid injections without the need for surgery. Wrinkles at the transition from the nose to the cheeks, the so-called “bunny lines”, as well as frown lines above the nose bone can be treated very well with BTX.

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