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Fluctuations of your body weight, pregnancies and breast feeding will have an impact on your skin and connective tissues. These structures may not completely recoil after losing weight because they lose their elasticity.

Droopy breasts affect many women considerably, because tight tops look awkward and only padded bras and bikinis can be worn. Saggy breasts can also affect your self-esteem in the sauna or shower of your gym. Especially after pregnancies, many women complain about less volume in the upper pole of their breasts.

In these cases, excess skin can be removed by a breast lift and the remaining mammary tissue can be reshaped. A breast augmentation can be performed additionally, especially after loss of volume at the upper breast pole. This can be done with an autologous fat transfer or with breast implants.


  1. Before Your Operation
  2. Operating Techniques
  3. Breast Lift Results With Dr. Sattler
  4. After Your Operation
  5. Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Lifts:
    1. Can a breast lift be combined with other procedures?
    2. Can a breast lift be repeated several times?
  6. Will my breasts get bigger with a breast lift?

1) Before Your Operation

Dr. Thorsten Sattler will consult and examine you personally before your surgical procedure. Due to the fact that each person is unique, he will create a personal treatment plan for you based on the latest methods and knowledge in Plastic Surgery. He will take photos and will explain the operation to you with the help of drawings and photos. Limitations, possible risks and alternative treatment options will also be discussed. Before your surgery, it may be useful to perform an ultrasound of the breasts, in some cases a mammography or MRI can also be useful. Dr. Sattler is one of few Plastic Surgeons in Germany with the additional qualification “Breast Surgeon”.

The main goal of a breast lift is to create compact breasts with a youthful shape. Thus, fashionable tight clothing can be worn again without a bra or at least without a push-up bra. In order to obtain the best aesthetic result possible, a breast lift can be combined with other procedures, such as a liposuction to the sides of the chest, where some extra fat deposits can be found quite often. A breast augmentation of the tightened breasts is also possible in the same operation. Additional liposuction of the abdomen and the waist is recommended for a more harmonious appearance. The harvested fat can be used for an autologous fat transfer afterwards.

A well-balanced healthy diet including enough protein is very important for your wound healing. Dr. Sattler is not only a board-certified Plastic Surgeon, but also holds a degree in Nutritional Medicine. He will happily advise you with regard to supplements and healthy diets.

2) Operating Techniques

Only safe and modern surgical methods are used by Dr. Sattler. A breast reduction is performed under general anesthesia, a hospital stay for one night is recommended.

Many different techniques are known to perform a breast reduction. Dr. Sattler will choose the best and safest method for you, depending on your anatomy and your aims and desires.
In a classic breast reduction, the incisions are placed around the areoles and proceed vertically down to the lower breast fold in order to remove excess skin. Sometimes the excess tissue is folded in a special technique to increase the projection of the breasts.

Sometimes it is necessary to make further incisions along the lower breast folds in order to lift and reduce tissue from the sides of the breasts. Whenever possible, Dr. Sattler tries to hide scars in a way that they can be covered by bras and bikinis.

Dr. Sattler uses an electric scalpel which allows him to operate with extreme precision and with minimum blood loss. The wound is sutured with special absorbable threads and suture removal is not necessary. The wound is sealed with a special skin glue. This creates optimal conditions for wound healing and contamination of the wound by germs of the nearby axilla is prevented. At the end of the operation, the breasts are taped to stabilize the surgical result.

If only a small breast lift is necessary and there is very little skin excess or if only the areoles have to be reduced, it may be sufficient to place the cuts around the areolas only. A vertical cut or a T-shaped cut is sometimes not necessary in these specific cases. Such an intervention is often possible under local anesthesia and on an outpatient basis. However, usually large droopy breasts cannot be lifted with this technique.

A breast lift can be combined with a liposuction of the waist, abdomen and sides of the chest to optimize the female contours even further. The harvested fat can be used for an autologous fat transfer to the face, lips or breasts. With a fat transfer the female curves can be accentuated and facial aging, for example after weight loss, is masked.

A breast lift in combination with a breast augmentation with breast implants is also possible. Sometimes it may be advisable to perform the breast lift first. In a second surgery the breast augmentation is done, especially if very dramatic results are desired. However, in cases of good health, a reasonable lifestyle and realistic aims, breast lift and breast augmentation can be combined in one procedure.

For patients with very little skin excess and good connective tissues, a breast lift may be performed by an autologous fat transfer or by the insertion of breast implants alone without removing any tissue. But please keep in mind that the pre-damaged connective tissue is stressed even more by the additional weight of fat or implants. Therefore, an additional breast lift is usually necessary once you get older.

Because there are many different techniques to perform a breast lift, Dr. Sattler will choose the best and safest method for you, depending on your anatomy and your aims and desires. He works very carefully in order to obtain a harmonious and youthful body shape with the best aesthetic result possible and with minimal scarring.

3) Breast Lift Results With Dr. Sattler

By German law, we are not allowed to show you before/after pictures online. However, during your personal consultation with Dr. Thorsten Sattler this will be possible.

4) After Your Operation

A hospital stay for one night is usually recommended after a breast lift. A special bra must be worn for several weeks to support the wound healing, but also to help the soft tissues to recoil. The compression also supports the lymphatic flow and will minimize any swelling that might occur.

After the procedure, physical stress and sport should be avoided for a few weeks. In order to support the wound healing and to obtain the best result possible, you should follow a healthy and balanced diet and you should stay away from alcohol and nicotine, at least until wound healing is completed. A sport bra helps to keep the operated breasts in shape.

5) Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Lifts:

a) Can a breast lift be combined with other procedures?

A breast lift can be combined with a liposuction to achieve the best overall aesthetic result possible. In particular, fat deposits on the waist, abdomen and the sides of the chest can be liposucked. The harvested fat can be used for an autologous fat transfer, for example to the breasts. Of course, the lifted breasts can also be augmented with breast implants.

b) Can a breast lift be repeated several times?

Usually breast lifts can be repeated. It is advisable to find out, where the deep incisions were placed in your previous operations and which blood vessels were cut. Therefore, you should bring the old operation notes with you to the consultation.

If you already have breast implants, a breast lift can be performed without removing the existing ones, provided that the implants are intact and do not cause any problems. Otherwise, it is recommended to replace the implants or to remove them completely.

An augmentation of the breast by an autologous fat transfer can be repeated several times, even after the breasts are lifted or carry implants. Asymmetries of the breasts can also be adjusted nicely by an autologous fat transfer.

c) Will my breasts get bigger with a breast lift?

A breast lift will make the breasts more compact and therefore smaller. Also, the total volume of your breasts will decrease, because excess skin and possibly some fatty tissue is removed. The breasts are smaller after a breast lift, but have a better shape and probably more projection. If the volume of the breasts should remain the same or increase, an autologous fat transfer or an augmentation with breast implants can be performed in addition to the breast lift.

If you are ready to begin your journey to receiving a breast lift with Dr. Sattler in Hamburg, Germany then please contact our office today to schedule your breast lift consultation. If you have any additional questions about the breast lift procedure please do not also hesitate to contact us.


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