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Thigh Lift in Hamburg

Many women know it: the thighs are not as slim or tight as they would like. Due to weight loss, weight fluctuations and aging processes, the skin and connective tissue are stretched and often can no longer fully retract due to the loss of elasticity. Heavy, plump thighs with sagging skin significantly affect many women. Among other things, because fashionable short skirts, dresses or leggings and slim-fitting pants can not be worn. Often trendy and summery clothes are not worn in order not to have to show the strong and sagging thighs in public. In these cases, a thigh lift can provide help.

What is a Thigh Lift?

With the help of a thigh lift, excess skin and fat on the thighs can be removed. Skin irritation and limitations in range of motion caused by the excess tissue can also be addressed by a thigh lift.

Skin irritation and limitations in range of motion caused by the excess tissue can also be addressed by a thigh lift.

In some cases, there are only small fat deposits on the thighs with otherwise very good skin conditions. In these cases, liposuction alone can sometimes be sufficient to achieve the desired tightening effect.

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Tight thighs are a sign of youth and health and contribute especially to the overall aesthetics. With a thigh lift you can fulfill your desire of beautiful legs.

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1. Before your Thigh Lift Surgery

Dr. med. Thorsten Sattler conducts a detailed consultation with you before every surgical procedure and examines you personally. Since each person is unique in terms of their anatomy and desires, an individualized thigh lift surgery treatment plan will be created for you. The treatment plan is based on the latest methods and findings of plastic surgery. Photographs are taken and drawings and photos are used to explain the procedure in detail. Dr. Sattler will also discuss limitations, possible risks and alternative treatment methods with you and create a personalized post-treatment plan with you.

A balanced, healthy diet with adequate protein intake is very important for good and fast wound healing. Since Dr. Sattler is not only a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery, but also a nutritional physician, he will advise you in this regard.

The Aim of the Thigh Lift

The main goal of a thigh lift is to remove excess skin and fatty tissue from the thighs. This creates a beautiful contour of the legs and fashionable clothes can be worn again.

Combine Thigh Lift with other Procedures

To achieve the best possible aesthetic result, a thigh lift can be combined with other procedures. For example, with liposuction on the knees, riding pants or ankles. The fat obtained in this way can be used for autologous fat transfer, for example to reline facial wrinkles or to enlarge the buttocks and breasts. A dynamic appearance with a youthful, vital radiance is the goal and can be achieved through a combination of different procedures. The contour of your buttocks will come out better with slim thighs. A beautiful overall appearance is created if, in addition, the riding pants as well as fat deposits on the inside of the knees and, if necessary, on the calves and ankles are suctioned off. A build-up of the buttocks is particularly effective when fat deposits below the buttocks, the so-called “bananas”, are suctioned off. During a personal consultation, Dr. Sattler will explain in more detail the possibility of a thigh lift with liposuction.

There are rules of behavior , which you should familiarize yourself with during your thigh lift with Dr. Sattler. Click here to access the rules of behavior.

2. Thigh Lift: Surgical Methods

Only safe and modern surgical methods are used. Thigh lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia, and a hospital stay for one night is usually advisable. If only liposuction is performed, such a procedure can also be performed on an outpatient basis and sometimes even under local anesthesia in the case of small findings and young, healthy patients. However, this is the exception and cannot be compared to a complete thigh lift.

Various techniques for performing a thigh lift are known and have proven successful. The best and safest surgical method for you will be chosen, depending on your anatomy and your goals and desires.

Thigh Lift: Incision and Procedure

In a thigh lift, the incisions are made on the inner side of the thighs down to the groin and perineal region. This allows for optimal removal of fat and excess skin. With parallel legs, the scars are then hardly visible later. Dr. Sattler uses an electric scalpel that allows him to operate with extreme precision and minimizes blood loss. The larger the finding, the further the scar must be guided towards the knee. However, the scar does not cross the knees.

The wound is sutured in several layers with special self-dissolving stitches. This makes it almost impossible for the wound edges to separate and eliminates the need for stitches to be removed. The wound edges are sealed with a special skin adhesive. On the one hand, this creates optimal conditions for the best possible wound healing; on the other hand, contamination of the wound by germs from the nearby intimate area is prevented.

Mini Thigh Lift

In patients with little fat tissue and little excess skin, a mini thigh lift can be performed. This results in a much shorter scar that is limited only to the groin and perineal region. In cases of small fat deposits and very good skin conditions, liposuction alone is sometimes sufficient without the need for incision.

There are different surgical techniques and combinations of different methods for thigh lift. Therefore, before the procedure, Dr. Sattler will discuss with you exactly which techniques will best and most safely achieve your goals and wishes. With great attention to detail, Dr. Sattler will ensure that an even body silhouette is created, resulting in the best possible aesthetic outcome with scars that are as discreet as possible.

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Thigh Lift Images

You can find results of thigh lifts in our gallery.

3. Thigh Lift Results

At this point we are not allowed to show before/after pictures of thigh lifts for legal reasons. However, this is possible within the framework of a personal consultation with Dr. Sattler. Below you will find thigh lift results.

4. Thigh Lift: Post Treatment

After a thigh lift in Hamburg, a stay in the clinic for one night is advisable. For liposuction alone, the procedure can usually be performed on an outpatient basis. Special compression garments should be worn for several weeks to support wound healing. But also so that the skin can retract in the best possible way and an even body silhouette is created. Compression also aids lymphatic flow, improves wound water evacuation, and thus minimizes swelling.

Physical exertion and sports should be avoided for several weeks after the procedure. A thigh lift, possibly combined with liposuction, can achieve very aesthetically pleasing results. In order to support wound healing and maintain the achieved results in the best possible way, attention should be paid to a balanced and healthy diet at least during the wound healing phase. Alcohol and nicotine should also be avoided as far as possible.

A mini thigh lift or liposuction alone can usually be performed on an outpatient basis, but you will also need to take it easy after these procedures and compression garments should be worn.

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5. Thigh Lift Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A thigh lift or mini thigh lift is performed under general anesthesia. Liposuction of the knees alone can also be performed under local anesthesia, if necessary, if the findings are small. Dr. Sattler will discuss the options with you in detail.

It often makes sense to combine the thigh lift with liposuction to achieve the best possible, aesthetic result. Not only the thighs themselves, but also the knees, calves, ankles and riding pants can be suctioned.
The extracted fat can be used for an autologous fat transfer to the buttocks or breasts. The female contours are thus accentuated even further. However, the fat can also be used to even out wrinkles and furrows on the face, or on the hands. This creates an overall youthful and vital look.

After liposuction alone, there are virtually no visible scars that need to be hidden. In a mini thigh lift, the scars are placed in the groin and perineal region so that they are not visible even in short skirts. In the classic thigh lift, the scars are placed on the inner side of the thighs and extend to the groin and perineal region. In very pronounced findings, the scars extend to the knees, but do not exceed the knees. Thus, even these scars are usually hidden with parallel leg posture and skirts that reach the knees.

The cost of thigh lift is not a fixed all-inclusive price Each person is unique in their physical requirements, but the desired results sometimes differ significantly. In addition, thigh lift costs also depend on whether, for example, another procedure is desired in combination. Of course, Dr. Sattler will discuss the costs involved with you in detail in advance.

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