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Numerous women know the problem: the belly is not as tight as desired, the skin on the abdomen is sagging. There can be various reasons for this – a tummy tuck can provide a remedy. When even dieting and exercise do not produce the desired result, many women opt for this treatment. For example, abdominoplasty is very popular after a c-section (caesarean section). Learn everything you need to know about tummy tuck here: from surgery to results and aftercare.

When does an Abdominoplasty make sense?

Weight fluctuations and pregnancies stretch the skin and abdominal muscles, which often cannot fully retract due to loss of elasticity. In this case, excess skin and fat can be removed with an abdominoplasty. If the abdominal muscles have moved apart in the midline, e.g. as part of a twin birth, the abdominal muscles are also tightened and fixed back in the midline (so-called “rectus diastasis”). In the course of abdominal wall surgery not only the front parts of the abdomen are tightened but also the lateral flanks, resulting in a better-contoured waistline.

Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty (in professional circles) requires the expertise and experience of a highly skilled plastic surgeon.

Flat belly thanks to modern surgery

Achieving a tightened belly with aesthetic symmetry is what most people desire. With a tummy tuck you can fulfill this wish!

Excellent Abdominoplasty
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1. Before your Abdominoplasty Surgery

Dr. med. Thorsten Sattler conducts a detailed consultation with you before every surgical procedure and examines you personally. Since each person is unique in terms of their anatomy and desires, an individual treatment plan will be created for you. The treatment plan is based on the latest methods and findings of plastic surgery. Photographs are taken and drawings and photos are used to explain the procedure in detail. Dr. Sattler will also discuss limitations, possible risks of abdominal wall surgery and alternative treatment methods with you and create a personalized aftercare plan for you.

Goal of the Abdominoplasty

The main goal of an abdominoplasty is to remove excess skin and fat tissue as well as to stabilize the trunk muscles by rectus diastasis when the straight abdominal muscles have moved apart. This creates a beautiful body shape, a well-contoured waistline and stable core muscles.

Combine Abdominoplasty with other Procedures

To achieve the best possible aesthetics, an abdominoplasty can be combined with other procedures. For example, with liposuction, autologous fat transfer or breast augmentation.

With liposuction, the waist can be additionally contoured, as well as the transitions to the intimate area and chest. A dynamic appearance with vital radiance is the goal here and can be achieved through a combination of different procedures.

The prominence of your breasts will show better with a flat stomach. This effect can be enhanced if an autologous fat transfer to the breasts is performed in addition to the abdominoplasty. The previously extracted fat can be used for this purpose. Breast augmentation with breast implants is of course also possible.

Requirements for Abdominoplasty

A balanced and healthy diet with adequate protein intake is very important for good and fast wound healing. Since Dr. Sattler is not only a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery, but also a nutritional physician, he will advise you in this regard. Alcohol and nicotine consumption should be suspended for at least two weeks before and after surgery to ensure maximum patient safety. Heavily obese patients, smokers, and diabetics are at increased risk for wound healing problems and infections.

There are behavioral rules you should familiarize yourself with before your tummy tuck with Dr. Sattler. Click here to access the rules of behavior.

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2. Abdominoplasty: Surgical Methods and Procedure

Only safe and modern surgical methods are used. An abdominoplasty is performed under general anesthesia. Following the operation, a hospital stay of at least one night is usually necessary.

In certain cases, the surgery can also be performed under local anesthesia. For example, in very small findings and young healthy patients who only want a mini-abdominoplasty. In this “small tummy tuck”, only some skin and possibly fat is removed from the lower abdomen without moving the belly button or tightening the upper abdomen.

Various techniques for performing an abdominoplasty are known and have proven successful. The best and safest surgical method for you will be chosen, depending on your anatomy, your goals and desires. Often the scars can be hidden in your natural skin folds on the lower abdomen below the bikini line.

Procedure of Abdominoplasty Surgery

In abdominoplasty surgery, incisions are usually made in the transverse crease on the lower abdomen for optimal removal of fat and excess skin. If there is already a scar after caesarean section, it can be removed directly at the same time. Dr. Sattler uses an electric scalpel, which allows him to operate very precisely and minimizes blood loss.

If the straight abdominal muscles have diverged in the middle, e.g. after weight gain or pregnancy, these muscles are restored to the midline and fixed. This is done to stabilize the trunk. The belly button is repositioned and sewn in. In this process, the surrounding fat tissue is also shaped so that a slight depression is created.

Stitches and Wound Healing

The wound is sutured in several layers with special self-dissolving stitches. This makes it almost impossible for the wound edges to separate and eliminates the need for stitches to be removed. The wound edges are sealed with a special skin adhesive. On the one hand, this creates optimal conditions for the best possible wound healing; on the other hand, contamination of the wound by germs from the nearby intimate area is prevented.

Mini Abdominoplasty

For lean patients with little fat tissue and isolated excess skin on the lower abdomen, a mini-abdominoplasty can be performed. This results in a much shorter scar. Only skin and, if necessary, fat tissue on the lower abdomen are removed and the belly button does not have to be moved. This “mini abdominoplasty” can also be combined with other operations, e.g. the removal of a possibly existing caesarean section scar.

Since there are different surgical techniques and combinations of different methods, Dr. Sattler will discuss with you before the procedure exactly which techniques will best and most safely achieve your goals and wishes. Dr. Sattler will ensure that an even body silhouette is created, resulting in the best possible aesthetic outcome with scars that are as discrete as possible.

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Abdominoplasty Images

You can find results of abdominoplasty in our gallery.

3. Results of Abdominoplasty

For legal reasons, we are not allowed to show before/after pictures of tummy tucks here. However, this is possible within the framework of a personal consultation with Dr. Sattler.

4. Abdominoplasty Post Treatment

The hospital stay after an abdominoplasty in Hamburg usually extends over one night. Often, two or three drains are placed during the operation, which can then ideally be removed within the next few days. Special compression garments should be worn for several weeks to support wound healing and musculature. But also so that the skin can retract in the best possible way and an even body silhouette is created.

Physical exertion, heavy lifting and sports should be avoided for several weeks after the procedure. A tummy tuck, possibly combined with liposuction, can achieve very aesthetically pleasing results. In order to support wound healing and maintain the achieved results in the best possible way, attention should be paid to a balanced and healthy diet at least during the wound healing phase. In addition, alcohol and nicotine should be avoided completely if possible.

A mini-abdominoplasty can be performed on an outpatient basis if necessary, but even after this procedure you will need to take care of yourself and an abdominal belt should be worn.

5. Abdominoplasty Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

After a tummy tuck, you should usually stay in the clinic for at least two nights. This ensures trouble-free regeneration and wound healing. A mini-abdominoplasty, in which only a little skin and fat is removed from the lower abdomen, can also be performed on an outpatient basis in young healthy patients, if necessary.

An abdominoplasty is performed under general anesthesia. A mini-abdominoplasty can also be performed under local anesthesia, if necessary, if the findings are small.

Abdominoplasty does not affect the occurrence of pregnancy. However, wound healing should be completely finished before you plan (another) pregnancy. The results achieved by a tummy tuck can be affected by pregnancy. Especially with large babies and multiple pregnancies, the skin can become overstretched, sagging after delivery and showing stretch marks.
If the straight abdominal muscles were united in the midline during the abdominoplasty, they can give way to the sides again. Pregnancy hormones can also have adverse effects on skin texture.
Weight gain and weight fluctuations can have negative effects on the body contour, but in principle pregnancy is possible after abdominoplasty.

It is often useful to combine the tummy tuck with liposuction on the flanks to accentuate a beautiful feminine waistline. The transition to the intimate area and the chest can also be suctioned to achieve a balanced body silhouette. The extracted fat can be used for autologous fat transfer to the breasts. The female contours are thus accentuated even further. Of course, breast reconstruction is also possible with implants.

A balanced and healthy diet with adequate protein intake is very important for good and fast wound healing. Alcohol and nicotine consumption should be suspended for at least two weeks before and after surgery. In consultation with Dr. Sattler, you can usually resume sports a few weeks after the operation.

The cost of abdominoplasty is not an all-inclusive fixed price. Each person is individual in their prerequisites, needs and desires. Thus, the prices of abdominal wall surgery also differ based on various factors, such as the patient’s personal goals.

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