Labia Reduction through Intimate Surgery

A so-called labiaplasty is not only for aesthetic purposes. Pain and physical discomfort during certain activities can also be a reason for labia reduction. Read everything important about intimate surgery on this page.

Treatment without Inpatient Stay

Intimate surgery does not require an inpatient stay! Especially in the current situation, many of our patients would like to have ambulatory treatment without an overnight inpatient stay. The treatment is low-risk, does not take long and does not require general anesthesia. So you can go home again the same day.

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What is Intimate Surgery?

Intimate surgery is about the aesthetics of the female intimate area. The topic is increasingly becoming the focus of general awareness, which is also due to increased media coverage. More and more women are opting for surgery if they are unhappy with the aesthetics or function of their intimate area. Thus, especially labiaplasty is becoming increasingly popular.

For intimate surgery in Hamburg, the plastic surgery practice of Dr. Thorsten Sattler is the top address. His many years of experience in the field of aesthetic intimate surgery of the female genitalia distinguish him as a qualified surgeon. He is not only a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery, but has also successfully completed the additional qualification “Sexual Medicine”. Dr. Sattler is probably the only plastic surgeon in Germany who has this important additional qualification.

Labiaplasty most often refers to a reduction in the size of the labia minora or labia majora, as these are often perceived as too large, flaccid or asymmetrical. In particular, the reduction of the labia minora is very popular nowadays. Especially after one or more births, many women would like to reduce the size of their labia. Even after several births, the external female genital can be given a youthful and appealing appearance. Physical discomfort, such as pain during cycling, jogging or sexual intercourse, can also be eliminated by correcting the labia.

In the context of labiaplasty, it is sometimes referred to as vulval surgery. The term “plastic” is derived from the term plastic surgery. The lips of the vulva are called labia – a reduction of the vulvar lips is therefore also called labiaplasty.

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1. Intimate Surgery in Hamburg - Things to know about your Initial Consultation

Before any treatment can take place in the intimate area, a medical history and physical examination are performed. According to your wishes and anatomical conditions, Dr. Sattler will create a customized treatment plan for you based on the most modern intimate surgical methods. He will explain the procedure in detail, including risks, alternatives and aftercare. The goal is to jointly define realistic expectations. The consultation is conducted in a relaxed atmosphere and of course discreetly. If desired, a female member of the practice staff can attend the consultation, examination and treatment.

Labiaplasty images

You can find results of labiaplasty in our gallery.

2. Labiaplasty - Results

For legal reasons, we are not allowed to publish before/after pictures here. However, viewing of these images is possible in the context of a personal consultation. Contact us to learn more about the results of labiaplasty. In our image gallery you can see the results of labiaplasty.

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3. Labia Reduction: Surgical Options

Especially when wearing tight leggings, lingerie, hot pants or bikini panties, it can be very disturbing if the labia stand out too much or asymmetrically. Even in the gym, in the sauna or in the presence of an intimate partner, a pronounced external genitalia can have a negative impact on self-confidence.

Only safe, modern surgical procedures are used for labia reduction. The surgical method is adapted to your individual wishes and anatomical conditions. Most procedures can be performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia. With great attention to detail, Dr. Sattler will create a surgical plan for you. The procedure itself is performed with the highest surgical precision to achieve an aesthetically pleasing result.

There are rules of behavior that you should familiarize yourself with during your intimate surgery with Dr. Sattler. Click here to access the rules of behavior.

The following intimate surgery procedures are available:

  • If the labia minora are too small or sagging, they can be relined with an autologous fat transfer. This results in a youthful appearance of the external genitalia. On the other hand, if the labia minora are too large, they can be reduced surgically.
  • If the labia minora are too large and overhang the labia majora, the labia minora can be surgically reduced. In addition to a more youthful look, function is often better, as there is no longer any pinching of the labia during exercise or intercourse. Especially after pregnancy and for athletes and older patients, this procedure is very interesting.
  • A combination of relining of the outer labia and reduction of the inner labia in one procedure is of course possible. Of course, asymmetries of the labia can also be compensated. To achieve a harmonious overall appearance, the mons veneris can also be additionally modeled by liposuction.
  • Various surgical techniques can be used to reduce and tighten a large or very bulky clitoral hood. This gives the genital area a more youthful appearance and tight clothing bulges less.
  • The mons veneris can be suctioned to make it less prominent and to slim the lower abdominal area. In pronounced cases, the mons veneris may need additional tightening. A disturbing and possibly retracted caesarean section scar can of course also be corrected. All previously mentioned operations can be freely combined with each other. The procedures can be performed individually or in combination, usually on an outpatient basis and under local anesthesia.

4. Procedure after Labiaplasty

After intimate surgery, it is essential to maintain strict hygiene in the genital area. The stitching material used in intimate surgery is self-dissolving and therefore does not need to be removed. Antiseptic salves and a light dressing are applied locally. It is recommended to use panty liners to keep underwear clean. Daily disinfecting sitz baths can help the healing process. Sports and sexual activities should be suspended until wound healing is assured. This is usually the case after two to three weeks.

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5. Intimate Surgery Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

By means of intimate surgery, the external appearance of the genital region can be improved, and in some cases the function can be improved as well. The labia majora, labia minora, the cap of the clitoris and the mons veneris can be optimized. A combination of different methods is possible and often even useful.
In most cases, the labia minora are reduced in size and prominence so that they no longer overhang the labia majora. Since the labia minora extend upward into the cap of the clitoris, a correction can also be made there. Many women want the procedure for cosmetic reasons. However, physical discomfort, such as entrapment, tearing, dryness, skin irritation, and impediments to sports and sexual intercourse, often lead to the desire for surgery.

A procedure can theoretically be performed safely at any point in the menstrual cycle. Some women may find the procedure more uncomfortable during menstruation, as the genital area is more sensitive to touch during your period. Also, some patients feel shame about being examined or treated during menstruation. From a purely medical point of view, however, any time in the menstrual cycle is suitable for the procedure.

Sports, sexual activity and other genital manipulations should be refrained from for two to three weeks after intimate surgery until wound healing is complete.

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