Gynecomastia Hamburg, Germany

For men, an enlarged, female-looking breast is a huge psychological burden and can affect the self-esteem. Going to the gym, wearing tight t-shirts or intimate relationships may become difficult.

For men who suffer from gynecomastia a breast reduction can significantly improve the appearance and self-esteem. Regardless of whether it is a “true” gynecomastia (increased growth of mammary tissue) or if the breasts are just large due to fat deposits, a breast reduction is often the right way to a harmonious body contour and better self-esteem.

If there is only a small excess of tissue and if the skin is in good condition, a liposuction alone may be sufficient to achieve the desired result. The liposuction removes fat as well as soft glandular tissue and the skin will recoil. In a true gynecomastia with rather firm glandular tissue, the excess tissue is usually removed through a small incision at the lower border of the areola. In patients with very large breasts, an additional breast lift may be necessary.

Gynecomastia Procedure Overview

  1. Before Your Operation
  2. Operating Techniques
  3. Results
  4. After Your Operation
  5. Frequently Asked Questions About Gynecomastia:
    a) What can cause a gynecomastia?
    b) Can a gynecomastia procedure be combined with other operations?

1) Before Your Operation

Dr. Thorsten Sattler will consult and examine you personally before your surgical procedure. Due to the fact that each person is unique, he will create a personal treatment plan for you based on the latest methods and knowledge in Plastic Surgery. He will take photos and will explain the operation to you with the help of drawings and photos. Limitations, possible risks and alternative treatment options will also be discussed. Before your surgery, it may be useful to perform an ultrasound of the breasts, in special cases also a mammography or an MRI. An endocrinological check-up is recommended when there are any signs of feminization. The (illegal) use of anabolic steroids in sports or the use of cannabis should be discontinued, because these substances may trigger a gynecomastia. Dr. Sattler is one of very few Plastic Surgeons in Germany with the additional qualification “Breast Surgeon”.

The main goal is to create a masculine chest with as little scars as possible. In order to achieve this goal, the procedure can be combined with other operations, such as liposuction to the sides of the chest, where some extra fat deposits can be found quite often. Additional liposuction to the abdomen and the waist is recommended for a more harmonious appearance.

2) Operating Techniques

Only safe and modern surgical methods are used by Dr. Sattler. A gynecomastia operation is usually performed under general anesthesia and most often on an outpatient basis.

Many different techniques are known. Dr. Sattler will choose the best and safest method for you, depending on your anatomy and your aims and desires.

If you have only moderate fat deposits, soft glandular tissue and good connective tissues it may be sufficient to perform a liposuction only. In this case, a few very small incisions are made and the excess tissue is liposucked until the chest is nicely shaped. After some time, the scars are hardly visible.

If you have larger fat deposits with firm glandular tissue, the incisions are placed on the lower border of the areolas and excess tissue is surgically removed. In addition, a liposuction can be performed to shape the adjacent regions nicely.

In very large breasts, for example after massive weight loss, it is necessary to make more extended incisions similar to a breast lift in females.

The techniques described above can be combined with a liposuction to the waist, the abdomen and side walls of the chest to optimize the overall result.

After the operation, compression garments must be worn for a few weeks to allow the soft tissues to recoil. This way a harmonious body contour can be created.

3) Results

By German law, we are not allowed to show you before/after pictures online. However, during your personal consultation with Dr. Thorsten Sattler this will be possible.

4) After Your Operation

The operation can usually be performed on an outpatient basis. Special compression garments must be worn for several weeks to support the wound healing, but also to help the soft tissues to recoil. Compression garments also support the lymphatic flow and will minimize any swelling that might occur.

After the procedure, physical stress and sport should be avoided for a few weeks. In order to support the wound healing and to obtain the best result possible, you should follow a healthy and balanced diet and you should stay away from alcohol and nicotine for at least two weeks before and after your surgery. You should not take cannabis or steroids since these substances can cause a gynecomastia or a recurrent gynecomastia.

5) Frequently Asked Questions About Gynecomastia

a) What can cause a gynecomastia?

You may be genetically pre-disposed for a gynecomastia. Fat deposits on the chest may also be a side-effect of being obese. In these cases, a healthy diet is advisable in addition to surgery. Dr. Sattler is not only a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, but also holds a degree in Nutritional Medicine and will happily give you any advice that you might need. Cannabis and anabolic steroids can trigger a gynecomastia, as well as excessive alcohol consumption. Disbalances between estrogen and testosterone levels can also be a cause of gynecomastia. Especially if you show signs of feminization your endocrinological status should be checked by an endocrinologist. If only one breast is enlarged, painful or hard, diagnostic imaging is strongly recommended, e.g. ultrasound, a mammogram or even an MRI, in order to detect any malignant process as early as possible.

b) Can a gynecomastia procedure be combined with other operations?

Gynecomastia procedures can be nicely combined with a liposuction to the waist, abdomen and sides of the chest in order to optimize the male body contours.