Breast Augmentation
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Breast Augmentation with Implants in Hamburg

A beautiful breast is for many women part of the ideal appearance. Because a well-formed female breast not only looks good, but also strengthens self-confidence and radiates youthfulness.

Every year, more than two million women worldwide decide to have a breast augmentation with implants. This makes it the most frequently performed procedure in plastic surgery.

There are several factors that can adversely affect the appearance of your breasts. These include:

  • Aging process
  • Weak connective tissue
  • Pregnancy

If you want to change the size and shape of your breasts with the help of breast implants in Hamburg, you are in good hands with Dr. Sattler. He is one of only a few plastic surgeons in Germany who holds the additional qualification in breast medicine (senology) from the German Society for Senology (DGS).

In our practice you are in the best of hands

Your breasts are a mirror of your femininity. By means of a breast augmentation in Hamburg you can achieve the feminine curves you have always wanted.

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1. Breast Rebuilding: Before your Surgery

A breast augmentation is a very personal decision. Nearly all women can achieve very beautiful results with breast implants. The following criteria indicate that breast augmentation with implants is the right procedure for you:

  • You have realistic expectations of the surgical outcome.
  • You are healthy, not pregnant at the time of surgery, and not breastfeeding.
  • You think that your breasts are too small.
  • You have asymmetry or developmental disorder of the breasts.
  • You have lost volume in your breasts, e.g. after weight loss or pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Before a surgical procedure is performed on you, a detailed consultation and physical examination is performed by Dr. Sattler.

2. Your Consultation for Breast Augmentation in Hamburg

Every patient is unique, so Dr. Sattler will create a treatment plan that is individually tailored to you. During the examination, your breasts will be measured and photos will be taken. Thus, the successful result of the breast surgery can be ideally compared with the previous look.

During the breast augmentation consultation, Dr. Sattler will explain the surgical procedure to you step by step. Of course, you will also be informed about possible risks, alternative treatment options and aftercare. Taking out follow-up insurance for breast surgery can be useful to minimize financial risks, especially if the procedure is a self-pay procedure. Dr. Sattler will also advise you in this regard.

The goal is to give you realistic expectations and determine with you your desired breast shape and size. This way, we can achieve the best possible surgical result together.

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3. The Different Breast Implant Options

If you decide to undergo breast augmentation, Dr. Sattler will assist you in choosing the size, shape and placement of your implants. After you have been informed in detail, you can choose the breast implant that best suits your body. Your desired result can then be achieved with this silicone implant.

Breast Implants - Highest Quality

Only breast implants of the highest quality and leading premium manufacturers are used by Dr. Sattler. Of course, the silicone implants that we use have a CE mark and come with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. The implants therefore do not need to be replaced after a certain period of time. Of course, you will receive an implant passport with all important information from Dr. Sattler after the operation.

The Different Types of Silicone Implants

Basically, there are two types of silicone implants: round or anatomical (teardrop-shaped) implants.
Round breast implants give your breasts a lot of volume and a beautiful cleavage. The result appears somewhat more artificial with round implants than with teardrop-shaped ones. For this, larger “leaps” are possible, for example, breast augmentation from cup size A to C or from B to D. For patients with small breasts and a petite upper body, who aim for a natural result through breast surgery, we usually recommend the use of anatomical breast implants. These teardrop-shaped implants make the breasts look comparatively more natural.

Positioning of the Breast Implants

The breast implant can be placed above or below the pectoral muscle. If the implant is inserted over the pectoral muscle, the surgery time is slightly shorter. Positioning under the pectoral muscle (also known as the dual-plane technique) is a bit more involved surgically, but has the advantage of a more natural look and lower rates of infection and capsular fibrosis, among other benefits.

Incision for Breast Surgery

The incision can also be varied according to your wishes and anatomical requirements. Possible access points for breast augmentation are the underbust crease, the armpit or the lower pole of the areola. In Europe, the incision in the underbust fold is considered standard and has various advantages over the other variants.

Dr Sattler will take plenty of time for you before your operation to answer all your questions in detail. This allows you to make your choice regarding implant size, shape, placement and access in a calm and informed manner.

4. Breast Augmentation: Procedure

In our practice “Plastic Surgery Dr. Sattler”, only modern and safe surgical methods are used for your breast augmentation.
Before your operation takes place, you should consider the following:

  • No nicotine for at least two weeks before and after the procedure
  • If possible, stop taking blood thinning medication two weeks before the procedure, if necessary in consultation with your GP / cardiologist.
  • Your pick-up after the procedure should already be arranged before the operation, as you are not allowed to drive yourself after the operation

Before the operation, you have a private consultation with an anaesthetist. In consultation with him or her, we will decide whether further examinations are necessary, such as blood tests or an ECG
, depending on the patient’s age, general condition and existing underlying diseases.

There are rules of behaviour that you should familiarise yourself with during your breast augmentation with Dr Sattler. Click here to access the rules of behavior.

Where are Breast Implants placed?

The silicone implant is placed in the pre-shaped pocket under the skin (“subglandular” or “prepectoral”) or under the pectoral muscle (“submuscular” or “dual plane”). Accordingly, the term subglandular breast augmentation or submuscular breast augmentation is sometimes used.

Once the perfect implant size and position for you has been found, the incisions are closed with self-dissolving suture material in several layers, i.e. there is no need to remove the thread. Sometimes a draining tube is placed in each breast, especially if blood-thinning medication has been taken. These drains are usually removed the next day.

At the end of the operation we apply the tape bandages and a support bra. Shortly after waking up, you may eat, drink and call your relatives.

5. After your Breast Surgery in Hamburg

After the breast operation in Hamburg, you should wear the support bra consistently for a few weeks. The breasts will be swollen immediately after the operation. However, the swelling will decrease relatively quickly, so that the final result of the operation can usually be seen after a few weeks. Exhausting activities, such as sports, should be suspended for a while. Depending on your recovery process, Dr. Sattler will discuss with you exactly when you may resume certain activities and how long the support bra must be worn.

Breast Augmentation Images

You can find results of breast enlargements in our gallery.

6. Breast Augmentation Result

The results of a breast augmentation are permanent. The premium manufacturers used by Dr Sattler give a lifetime guarantee on the breast implants. However, you should note that your breasts will continue to age naturally. Both breastfeeding and routine gynecological check-ups are possible after breast augmentation.

For legal reasons, we are not allowed to show before/after pictures of breast augmentation here. However, this is possible during a personal consultation with Dr. Sattler in his modern practice in Hamburg.

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7. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Breast Augmentation with Implants

The premium manufacturers used by Dr Sattler give a lifetime guarantee on the breast implants. In principle, the implants do not have to be replaced. However, you should bear in mind that after surgery, your breasts, like the rest of your body, will continue to undergo the natural ageing process. Ageing processes, pregnancies, breastfeeding and weight fluctuations can change the shape and aesthetics of your breasts. It is therefore conceivable that at some point you will want to have your implants replaced for aesthetic reasons, even if this is not necessary for medical reasons.

Learn more about breast implant change here.

Breast augmentation is a safe procedure. Every year, more than two million women worldwide decide to have breast augmentation with implants. This makes it the most frequently performed procedure in plastic surgery. Despite the greatest care, however, every surgical intervention can involve risks. As a patient, since the amendment of the Health Reform Act 2007, you have to bear the follow-up costs of an operation performed outside the benefits catalogue of the statutory health insurance funds yourself. Taking out follow-up cost insurance for breast augmentation can minimise this financial risk and is therefore quite sensible.

If an augmentation of the breast by more than one cup size is desired in one operation, this is usually only possible with silicone implants. More significant results are possible with implants than with breast augmentation using fat transfer. Implants are also useful for slim patients who do not have sufficient fat reserves for autologous fat transfer. When using breast implants, the final result is very predictable and the operation time is shorter than with autologous fat transfer.

The cost of breast augmentation with implants is not a fixed price. Prices depend on various aspects, such as the type of breast implants, the duration of the operation and the actual surgical effort. In our practice for plastic and aesthetic surgery we will advise you in detail and discuss the breast augmentation costs with you. You will then receive an individual cost estimate.
In general, breast augmentation using implants is less expensive than using fat transfer. Thus, the costs for breast augmentation in Hamburg are usually correspondingly lower.

Yes, breast augmentation with implants takes place under a general anesthetic.

The breast operation in Hamburg takes about an hour. Then, of course, there is the preparation time and the time after the operation. In most cases, breast augmentation is possible as an outpatient procedure, so you can spend the night at home. However, the procedure can also be performed on an inpatient basis, i.e. with an overnight stay afterwards.

This question cannot be answered in a general way. Usually, patients must be at least 18 years old. Senior women over the age of 70 can also be operated on without any problems if they are in good health. The decisive factor is not so much the calendar age, but the biological age.

In general, this is possible, but Dr. Sattler must first examine you personally. His many years of experience as well as his additional qualification in sexual medicine ensure that you are in the best hands. As we are a purely private practice, we only perform gender reassignment surgery as a self-pay service.

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