Vaginal surgery: no longer a taboo topic

Plastic surgery in the vaginal area – indeed, the entire field of intimate surgery – was considered a taboo subject for decades. In recent years, this has changed more and more. A real trend around the topics of vaginal makeover or rejuvenation was started. Women feel less and less ashamed of or have to explain themselves for an surgery in the intimate area. Learn everything you need to know about this topic here.

Getting optimal self-esteem through vaginal surgery?

Each person has their own ideas about the optimal appearance of the face and various parts of the body. Aesthetic and plastic surgery opens up the possibility of having problem areas effectively corrected. A wide variety of procedures are possible, from the face (for example, by wrinkle treatment) to the female breast (breast augmentation) to the intimate area.

Cosmetic surgery in the vaginal area can increase self-esteem. Not because you now look the way society dictates, but because you make your own individual decisions about your own body. An affirming, liberating feeling of independence thus sets in.

The perfect vagina – does it even exist?

As with all areas of the body and even the different regions of the face, there is no perfect vagina. Beauty ideals, desires and goals differ individually. Accordingly, Dr. Sattler will also personally address your needs, circumstances and ideas. After all, it’s about your body – and you should feel comfortable in your skin in the long run.

In the context of intimate surgery, terms such as „Barbie vagina“ oder „designer vagina“ are often used. It is said that the intimate area – especially the labia – should look as youthful and as inconspicuous as possible – just like Barbie. It is quite possible to have a labiaplasty and make the overall appearance of the intimate area more youthful. Finally, Dr. Sattler will discuss your goals and objectives with you in detail and use them to develop a treatment plan. A “scheme F” or a “standard treatment” is neither the goal nor the claim of a serious plastic and aesthetic surgeon.

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What are the plastic surgeries for vagina?

When one speaks of intimate surgery or surgery in the vaginal area, not everyone necessarily knows what is meant. Various vaginal surgery procedures are possible and can sometimes be combined – just ask Dr. Sattler about it. Intimate surgery includes, for example:

  • Labiaplasty – usually the labia minora or labia majora are surgically reduced.
  • A fat transfer in the intimate area: Using autologous fat, outer labia that are felt to be too small or sagging can be relined.
  • A “vaginal surgery” to narrow the vagina. This result is desired by many women, for example, after pregnancy. Within the procedure, a vaginal tightening or vaginal correction is often performed.
  • A reduction or tightening of the cap over the clitoris. This procedure makes the genitals look younger and can also lead to improved stimulation during sexual intercourse.
  • A suction of the mound of Venus. This also gives the transition from the intimate area to the abdomen a beautiful contour.

Intimate surgeries with the expert in Hamburg

Since the vulva is considered a sensitive, very intimate zone, procedures in this region should only be performed by a reputable expert. The specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery Dr. med. Thorsten Sattler has many years of experience in intimate surgery. He has also obtained the additional qualification “Sexual Medicine” from the Hamburg Medical Association – so you are in the best hands.

Of course, if desired, it is possible for a female employee to attend the treatment in his practice in Hamburg. The consultation, examination and treatment are carried out discreetly and in a relaxed atmosphere.

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