What are the reasons for aesthetic surgery?

A woman in a bathrobe thinks about the reasons for plastic surgery.

Every person is unique and so there are different easons for aesthetic surgery for each person. In this blog article we have collected for you the most important arguments for plastic surgery. Also we present you the most common aesthetic surgeries.

What is plastic surgery?

The first thing to clarify is what exactly plastic surgery actually is. This term is used to describe surgical procedures that are performed primarily for aesthetic reasons.

In the context of plastic and aesthetic surgery, experts do not actually speak of “cosmetic surgery”. Background: The term “cosmetic surgery” is not protected. Therefore, even those doctors who do not meet the high professional qualifications of plastic and aesthetic surgery can call themselves cosmetic surgeons.

Anyone who is interested in a plastic-aesthetic surgery should therefore consult an appropriate expert such as Dr. Thorsten Sattler from Hamburg. He has been a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery for many years.

Since the above term has become popular, we would like to use them that way in this article.

What are reasons for cosmetic surgery?

The reasons and arguments for cosmetic surgery can be complex and are strongly related to the desired result of the surgery. Many people are unconfident because they think they are too fat or simply not attractive enough. Signs of aging also bother many people. The desire to look and feel younger is often strong.

Plastic surgery is not about creating a completely “new person.” Rather, potential problem areas that patients suffer from should be targeted and ideally eliminated. Strengths, on the other hand, can be highlighted.

You are in the best hands with Dr. Sattler in Hamburg. Before the treatment, a detailed consultation will take place, in which you can explain your wishes, goals and personal ideas in detail. He will explain the possible results, but also limitations of the treatment and the different methods to achieve the desired result.

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What are the cosmetic surgeries?

And what are the most popular cosmetic surgery? There are many different procedures in the area of the body or even the face, which are summarized under the term cosmetic surgery. The most common cosmetic surgeries in Germany are:

  • Breast surgery: Here, a distinction is usually made between breast augmentation with implants or by using fat grafting.
  • Eyelid lifting: Both lower and upper eyelid lifting as well as a combination of both procedures is possible.
  • Liposuction: A real “classic” among cosmetic surgeries. There are various areas of the body where fat can be suctioned. The combination options also make this procedure very popular. For example, liposuction can be performed in addition to a thigh lift or upper arm lift. The extracted fat can then be transferred to breasts, buttocks or lips if needed.
  • Facelift: Often, natural aging processes become particularly visible in the area of the face and neck. A face and neck lift can help with this.
  • Abdominoplasty: Whether after pregnancy, as a result of severe weight loss or due to natural signs of aging, abdominoplasty helps many women achieve a flat, toned abdomen with a more beautiful body silhouette.
  • Breast lift: This surgery is also popular especially among women after pregnancies and breastfeeding. The procedure can also be perfectly combined with breast augmentation by inserting implants or autologous fat after the lift.
  • Lip injections: Seductive and sensual lips are very popular among women. There are various methods for lip injections, such as autologous fat and hyaluronic acid fillers.
  • Rhinoplasty: Located in the “center” of the face, the nose is one of the most important external characteristics of a person. It should fit harmoniously and proportionally into the face.
  • Labiaplasty: A “youthful” vagina is often considered the ideal of beauty. In the field of intimate surgery, there are several procedures that can contribute to this. Feelings of shame towards the intimate partner are reduced and body-fitting clothing such as leggings can be worn again.

Statistically, significantly more women than men want cosmetic surgery. Nevertheless, there are certain procedures that are also – or especially – interesting for men. For example, gynecomastia surgery (removal of ” male boobs “). However, men may also want procedures such as liposuction, wrinkle injections and upper eyelid lifts.

What are the advantages of cosmetic surgery?

Successful cosmetic surgery by an expert in aesthetic and plastic surgery – as Dr. Sattler is – offers many potential benefits:

  • Look younger and “fresher” – and consequently feel that way too
  • Increased self-esteem, “feeling comfortable in one’s own skin” (also towards intimate partner)
  • Improved social acceptance
  • Achieving the individual ideal of beauty

How much does cosmetic surgery cost?

The cost of cosmetic surgery can not be named in a general way. Each procedure is different and requires different amounts of time. Discuss your needs with Dr. Sattler. He will transparently outline the cost of your desired surgery.

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